I've been a bad boy

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I've been a bad boy

Post  Jim on Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:04 am

Last time I got baned I had to explian atleast 10 times what the deal was and I`m just not that good at having to think that much.

Hopefully we are gonna get some good outta this. See cause half you guys don`t even have Pande forum accounts let alone log in for the ones that do. But if your here now it's cause you clicked on the link I messaged ya with when ya ask me "Why did you get banned?"

I was told by Elf when I had Paradox and was being coached about some of the commands that there was at 1 time a sqaure on main created by Gaddy that allowed him to tp to any boss ingame. I don`t remember if she told me Trev or her found it, but regardsless it was corrected as soon as it was found. Trev made it so that when the person tried to move in any direction from the sqaure they got a jazzy message.

Now I brought this up as an example of the advantages to having a staff crit. And was using this example to support my suggestion of not allowing staff crits to be logged when mortal crits are logged. Now I made this suggestion because with the player base being so small and the map so big there are huge advantages to being able to do this. One example is I could have Paradox logged at the north gate house and Anarchy in the dungeons. Because I know no one camps that area and it takes awhile to get to the area all I'd have to do is periodically if I saw say for example Silfver_Ek on is /locate Silfver_Ek on Paradox and it gives his exact grid location with the grid number and the area name. That advantage to me is fricken huge.

So back to the point. I post about the portal in a brief comment and clearly state Trev fixed it asap. That fucken tard responds saying I violated TOS rules by making claims to staff cheating and that I have 1 chance to retract my comments. And that for the life of him he had no clue what I was going on about. I replied by saying I would not retract the comment (Because I was not accusing staff of cheating. I was stating a known fact told to me by staff) but that I would be willing to join him via any chat program he wanted with Elf present.

Now wanting him to talk via chat with Elf present was because I wanted to know why by him saying he had no clue what I was walking about was he trying to cover it up or did Elf get caught in another fib and make me look like an ass for saying anything.

Now Elf responded to the post saying that the problem had been fixed and that the staff was longer playing so the point was mute. Which did two things. 1) Supported what I sad was true and that I wasn`t accusing staff of cheating but only stating a fact. 2) it confused the shit out of me because she told me it was Gaddy who had created the portal, and as far as I know he is still staff am I right?

I log back on the forums to see Trev had deleted all my posts and all posts in response to it and has forum banned me for a week. So I log on Nightmist talken to Tony and my connection drops. I`m like fuck it and went to work. I come home to read the post again and see what I had missed the 1st time that in addition to being forum banned that I am game banned as well as suggested by Elf and Derlok.

So that is the short and skinny of it.

On a side note. Elf I`m pretty surprised you off all people would suggest me being gamed banned when you are the one who told me of the portal. Now only 2 reasons I can think of. One your upset of the fact I said something you felt should have remained between us, or that you got caught telling a big fat lie. Me and you used to be pretty tight. I even defended you many times when people would talk shit about your emotionally weak ass falling for Noah 1st then James who I'd like to point out won't even log back on Nightmist because of your stalking ass.Way to go on getting new players uber staff. Then when your web of lies started to collapse you run and hide on main crying that you don't feel welcomed on 1alt anymore. I can't speak for the rest of em, but personally I wouldn`t care if you ever came back. In all honesty I`m not impressed with your staff skills anyways. You got the o.k. to open the catacombs and put in a healable monsters. We got the level cap lifted no healable monster (halfassed), you got the o.k. to build guilds which are half done (halfassed), and we all know the deal with the ingame pictures (halfassed). Not to say you haven`t done some good. Just since you starting using an online game to try to find a husband you've been slacken. Any chance you step down and let someone else do the other half of your job? One of the very 1st things I ever said to you and anyone else who knows me is I don't like fakes. Your a fake. Please reframe from speaking to me ingame. Please feel free remove your Emerald Dagger from Anarchy or I will make sure Will knows that your are to get it back asap. I would put it in your vault but seeing as you have abused your staff powers not allowing even the chairman of the clan in it I can`t do that now can I.


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